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Dia Tisa 

Your Gateway to the World of Precious Metals
DiaTisa is a leading precious metals bullion dealer boasting a wide range of services and international reach. With comprehensive gold refining capabilities, adherence to international trade regulations, and a world-class Anti Money Laundering Compliance program, DiaTisa reaches for the highest standard in the industry.

International Doré Gold Trading
DiaTisa's success lies in their ability to trade doré gold internationally, in full compliance with the International Chamber of Commerce eUCP 1.0 rules. This enables them to seamlessly connect with markets worldwide, allowing for efficient and secure transfer of precious metals. With their extensive international contacts in North America, Europe, Africa, and South America, DiaTisa has established itself as a key player in the global gold trade.

Bullion Dealer
In addition to their international success, DiaTisa also thrives domestically as a licensed precious metals bullion dealer in the U.S. market. This provides a trusted platform for investors and collectors to acquire and trade precious metals.

Precious Metals Refining Services
DiaTisa distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive gold refining services. Leveraging their expertise and state-of-the-art refining facilities, DiaTisa ensures that precious metals are refined to the highest standards, guaranteeing purity and quality.

Stringent Vetting
To support their commitment to transparency and compliance, DiaTisa has implemented a world-class Anti Money Laundering Compliance program. This initiative allows for seamless and fully vetted transactions, providing peace of mind to clients.

North American Division


Johnny Jonovich


Production sector processing, consulting, and internal control management (ICSP).


Eduardo Hurtado PhD

Quality, Risk Manager

Program management record of performance methods for effective monitoring that enhances production


Sarah Costin

Organic Consultant

Trainer of organic inspectors in all categories: crop, handler, livestock, and wild crop.


Nancy Bogdanovic

NP-C Health Consultant

Healthcare consultant management, analysts, efficiency, and structure of improvement.


Alek Bogdanovic


General Networks Technical Service


Tamara Jarcevik

Trade Management Specialist

Online Trade Transaction Documentation

European Division


Dusan Podunavac

Geological Engineer

CPR-Feasibility study of all operations in Europe, Africa, and Bolivia


Dejan Bugarski PhD

MsC, Spec. DVM, Organic Consultant & Inspector

European Division


Dragan Avramovic

B.A.Organic Consultant Agriculture/Construction

Looking for an experienced mentor? Organic beekeeping in all categories: crop, handler, livestock, and wild crop.


Akram Meri

B.A.Legislation, Contracts, Certifications, General

Native speaker of Arabic, fluent in Serbian with basic knowledge of English language, Over fourteen years of experience in translation.European Division


Dragoljub-Jankovic Ph.D.

Agronomist Adviser for Organic Production, Consultant

Agronomist with more than 25 years of experience in fruits production and organic products European Division


Karla Naumann

Trade Specialist

European Division

Digital Trade Partners

John Dunlop

iTrade Digital Project Leader

San Diego - Imperial County District Export Council Member

Tim Newman

iTrade Digital I.T. Manager

Lead Technical Consultant

Elizabeth Glynn, MIM, CGBP

Senior Export Advisor

EMG Global Business Solutions

After iTradeDigital.com's formal launch and the clientele of DiaTisa, Inc.'s international company management, DiaTisa, Inc. has made the decision to use the service for both domestic and foreign trading. The trade specialists that our company has already acknowledged and approved on our behalf are ones that we hope you'll keep on board. J. Jonovich, Vice President of Client Relations, DiaTisa Inc.