Millberry Copper Wire Scrap




We offer Copper wire with sheath removed, neither coated with other kinds of metal nor alloyed. High purity, a fine organization with low oxygen levels. With excellent conductivity and thermal ductility, accessible to hot and cold pressure-process. The Copper wire consists of clean (free of any insulation), unpinned, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire, free of brittle burnt wire, and excessive oils.


Millberry Copper Wire Scrap Detailed Description and/or Specifications


Commodity /Copper Wire Scrap (99.90% - 99.99% Cu)

Weight: of each sheet: 125kgs +/- 1% 

Purity minimum 99.97% (Rejection if purity less than 99.97%

Size and Packing: 1,000 kg big bags, in bales, in a 20 ‘GP container (± 20 MT/container)

Trial  Shipment         250 MT

Monthly Shipments from 500 MT to 1,000 MT x 12 months w/ R&E possibility to 3 years




Copper Wire Scrap, (Millberry) 99.78% At A Purity Of 99.78% Min. 99.78%Max.

  • Copper:                  (Cu)     99, 9%
  • Phosphorus        (P)   0.01% max
  • Cobalt                (Co) 0.01% max
  • Nickel                 (Ni) 0.01% max
  • Sulphur              (S)   0.01% max
  • Iron                    (Fe) 0.01% max
  • Zinc                   (Zn) 0.01% max
  • Manganese       (Mn)   0.01% max
  • Silicon               (Si)  0.01% max
  • Stannum           (Sn) 0.01% max
  • Aluminium         (Al) 0.01% max
  • Chromium         (Cr) 0.01% max
  • Magnesium       (Mg)   0.01% max
  • Lead                  (Pb) 0.01% max
  • Antimony     (Sb)  0.01% max



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