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What we do

International Trade

We offer premium and personalized services to traders all the around the world for getting organic certifications. So you can focus on agriculture and let us handle all the regulatory and trade processes.

What we do

Advisory & Consultation services

From Organic Certification to USDA regulations, we champion in helping you with both import and export of your materials. Our team consists of a network of agents that have global experience while having a deep understanding of local ground realities.

What we do

Commodities, Metals and Minerals

Our global expertise to deal with international trade regulations has allowed us to extend our offerings to helping you manage commodities, metals and minerals.

Online Transaction Management

The eDTT Workspace enables buyers and sellers to meet and work together online with digital interactive cloud shared trade transaction documents and video conferencing. (All documentation meets ICC URDTT v1.0 published October 2021) :Link

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