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Precious Metals Refining Services

Security and respect for your valuables are cornerstones of our refinery services. In most cases, we can process your lot within 24 hours and pay by check, wire, or trade for bullion from all major mints around the world. DiaTisa reliably and efficiently processes raw gold and other precious metal ore.

International Dore Gold Trading

Global shipping of Dore gold to refineries in the United States under the International Chamber of Commerce URDTT ruleset is now possible. International clients retain title to goods while they transit to the United States for purification into bullion for sale on the domestic market at competitive prices.

Mining Concession Evaluation

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium are recognized as sought-after elements in international trade and are the most exploited precious metals in gobal mining operations today. Global mining production is currently growing at a rate never seen before. The global market for minerals and precious metals has surged, and the quantities extracted have multiplied exponentially.