Refining Process

State-of-the-art modern refining methods that effectively and quickly service our consumers. Regardless of size, every lot receives the same meticulous care. To ensure that you receive the greatest settlement possible, we work to recover the precious metals you've designated for refining.


Step 1: Receive your Material

Two team members open your shipment and weigh the contents as soon as your material for refinement arrives. Before your material is sent on to the following stage of the refining process, you will be contacted if there is a mismatch between the packing slip and the weight received. The information is input into our computer system after the material has been weighed and the amounts have been verified to create a unique job number, particularly for your refining batch.


Step 2: Preparation Before the Sample

Our experienced personnel review each job before it is melted to confirm the necessary and most profitable refining procedure for you. Depending on the type of material, the decision could be any one or combination of: incineration, milling, screening, chemical leaching, smelting, or melting.


Step 3: Sampling

We employ several sampling techniques. 

The material is melted in an induction or gas furnace for precious metal scrap. Once the metal is melted, we take a small sample of the material to check for adequate metal content using a vacuum-sealed glass tube. A homogenous powder sample is taken for materials requiring burning to check its allowed metal concentration. To assess the purity, all samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis using the most up-to-date tools and techniques.


Step 4: Analyzing

To ensure precise settlements, we can assess the permitted metal content to parts per million (PPM). We may employ XRF, ICP, or a fire assay, depending on the material, to determine how much fine metal there is. After that, our computer system receives the analytical result for settlement.


Step 5: Settlement

The settlement is based on the net fine metal contained in the refined material, valued on the daily market prices. We offer a variety of settlement options from which to choose: check, product exchange, wire transfer, and pays in as little as three days, so you receive your money fast.


Settlement Options


We can issue a check for you to pick up at one of our offices, or we can ship it for FREE using the U.S. Postal Service.


Wire Transfer

If you prefer to have the money delivered on the same settlement day, we can wire transfer it to your account after determining the settlement value.

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