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Mining concession evaluation

To appraise the mining concessions, the following documents and statements are essential.


  1. Duplicate of the initial license granted by the responsible state government.
  2. A copy of the original geological study or geological report on reserves and resources.

If such a study and/or report does not exist, then submit:

  • Coordinates of the points that define the license area (concession) and a distinctive toponym located within the concession (which can also indicate the nearest large city).
  • Categories of work and the extent of those works provide the basis for the concession.
  • Overview of applied methods.
  • Schedule (position) of investigative works.
  • Results of geological tests (thickness of ore bodies, number of ore bodies, amount of ore, amount of tailings, which rocks are above and below the ore bodies.
  • Results of laboratory tests indicate all types of tests.
  • Name of the lab, its location, and a note on its accreditation.
  • Both at the office and on the job site, work safety.
  • Expert references for the author.
  • Communication channels in terms of the capacity to move people and equipment.