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Bringing Paperless Trade to the World

DiaTisa partners with iTradeDigital to enable buyers and sellers to meet and work together online with digital interactive cloud shared trade transaction documents and video conferencing. (All documentation meets ICC URDTT v1.0 published October 2021)

Online Transaction Management

iTrade Digital specializes in providing digital trade document management. 30 digital documents are automatically filled out and transmitted by the buyer and seller via video conference, replacing paper trade documents.

The Standard Rules for Digital Trade Transactions published by the International Chamber of Commerce apply to digital documents (URDTT).

(10 Cases) Monthly Subscription - $100.00

On-demand Trade Management Professionals are available to help with document management.

Handling of digital trade documents (iTrade Digital subscription services.)

Trade Management Specialist Assistance: Member.Services@itradedigital.com
Information: Member.Services@itradedigital.com
Cancel Subscription: Member.Services@itradedigital.com

Digital Trade Document Management:

Total Transaction value: $100,000 or less = $280.00
Total Transaction value: $500,000 or less = $2,000.00
Total Transaction value: $1,000,000 or less =$ 4,000.00
Training: $4,000 per 10 people

The following are included as part of the subscription services:

a.) Initializing the 30 GBM trade documents
b.) Setting up the Transaction Case Platform with the buyer's and seller's corporate profiles.

Subscription presupposes that the buyer and/or seller agree to abide by the ICC regulations and transaction standards.