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International Doré Gold Trading

End to End Management from Shipping, to Refining into Bullion, to Payout While the Client Retains Title to Goods.

Dia Tisa Inc. Au Dore Gold Program

Email: info@diatisa.com; Tel: +1 307 414 6210

Dia Tisa is a precious metal dealer and a certified member of: 


The Dia Tisa Dore Gold program is designed to provide suppliers with a safe, legal, and corruption-free process for exporting their precious metals and receiving USD currency for the purchase of US goods and services to expand their economies, create jobs, and help their people.  

The DiaTisa Program

Dia Tisa accepts dore gold (less than 96% purity) (HTS: 7108.12.1020) with purchase orders on 15-day consignment from suppliers to the United States for refining into Au bullion.


(1)  EXW - Ex Works at the point of pickup by appointed secure global logistics company for transport to the refinery’s vault via Los Angeles International Airport. Dia Tisa pays for the logistics, customs clearance and refining.


(2)  DDP - Delivered Duty Paid to the refinery vault via Los Angeles International Airport.

Shipper of Record (supplier) pays for the logistics and customs clearance. DiaTisa pays for refining.

Export license and taxes are the responsibility of the shipper of record.

Invoice. The agreed-upon price at shipment with the shipper of record is adjusted for the refined value of the Au (now bullion) minus logistics costs and agreed upon expenses (if any) and wire transferred to the shipper of record.

iTrade Digital. All transactions are managed by iTrade Digital (www.iTradeDigital.com) according to the International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (ICC URDTT, 1 October 2021). Transactions are done online, with all principals meeting face-to-face with shared documents.  Due diligence is required for all principals.

DiaTisa Doré Gold Trading Services are Provided in Accordance with ICC URDTT Rules.

Trading of gold doré, which is defined as gold in its natural form combined with other metals, is a significant commercial activities in the mining industry. To encourage this type of trading and give prospective buyers confidence, ICC URDTT procedures and processes must be followed in all transactions.

DiaTisa's Transaction Procedure for Gold Doré Trading Entails the Following Steps:

1.) Gold Doré must be at minimum 90% pure to qualify. The seller retains title to goods at all times throughout the process. The gold doré is shipped from the seller, arrives and is processed at a USA refinery, final assay of the product is conducted, then the seller is paid the market value of the refined bullion in 15 days time from shipment. 2.) Negotiation: The seller and buyer agree on a price that includes transportation and insurance costs to the refinery that is designated as the final destination. 3.) Insurance: The seller arranges insurance from a provider vetted by DiaTisa to cover the risks associated with transporting the gold doré to the refinery, including coverage against theft, loss, and damage. 4.) Documentation and customs clearance: The seller arranges all necessary documentation for customs clearance in both the country of origin and destination, ensuring that the gold doré can be imported and exported lawfully.

For More Information Please Contact info@diatisa.com or visit our refining page for complete details.