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The 2g gold bar, Argor Heraeus Kinebar!

The uniqueness of Kinebars is the security hologram on the back of the bar. The hologram is not only remarkable and stunning, it also provides enhanced security for the bars, which makes forgery more difficult.Because of this hologram, the Kinebar has grown in popularity with both investors and collectors from around the world.

Argor Heraeus developed Kinebar technology in 1993 alongside the Union Bank of Switzerland. The technology uses a holographic kinegram, which is embossed on the surface of the reverse of gold bars. The embossing element changes colours and textures according to the viewing angle. On the reverse of the bar, you can find the Argor Heraeus logo and two concentric circles: the small one includes the Mint initials and the bigger circle the full name of the Mint.

The obverse is a lot more classic than the reverse and contains several inscriptions. They are all arranged vertically down: the nation of issue (Switzerland), the weight (2g), the metal content (fine gold) and the purity (999.9) The logo is on top of the design and at the bottom features the trademark of the certified assayer and a serial number. The designs on both sides are beautiful and complement each other.

Argos-Heraeus is one of the oldest precious metals manufacturers in the world and is based in Switzerland. The company was originally located in Chiasso, Switzerland. It was then acquired by UBS, Union Bank of Switzerland and the group later joined the German Heraeus company and established itself in Mendrisio.The group now generates 23 billion in revenue, employing 15 000 people in 40 countries!

This kinebar is a beautiful piece of art and a very unique gold bullion product available on the market today. The gold bars will be delivered to you in a capsule at the centre of the sealed blister pack, with an assay card surrounding the capsule inside of the sealed pack. By purchasing this 2g gold Argor Heraeus kinebar, you will combine an attractive price with the highest quality of workmanship!


Country: Switzerland
Product number: 3002075
Series: Argor Heraeus Bars
Purity: 999.9/1000
Mint: Argor Heraeus
Product packaging: Blister
Authenticity guarantee: Certificate
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
* Products may vary slightly from the picture shown.