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The present future of online world trade management Dia Tisa is an export trading consulting team.


Transactions are managed online by a Trade Management Specialist from ITFglobal using electronic documents instead of paper. ( www.ITFglobal.ie)

Transaction Management Platform: eUCP GBM Workspace

Communications: Visual communication (Zoom) between the parties.

Digital documents. The Principles​ view and edit the same trade transaction​ document​s​ in real-time. Online management. It starts with the buyer's Request for Quotation and ends with the seller's payment and release of shipping documents.

There is no transaction cost to the seller. Buyers and Sellers in 175+ countries can deal directly with each other at no cost to the seller.

To start an online transaction - Contact: Member.Services@ITFglobal.ie

We Ship Worldwide. Great Prices and Great Service.





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